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Friday, October 19, 2007

From BlockHeads to BlogHeads

Event Coverage:

Today (Friday) was the second round of workshops on blogging which was hosted by the NIE Green Club and conducted by the Naked Hermit Crabs.

"From BlockHeads to BlogHeads" is a workshop where BlockHeads (people who are not sure on how to blog) learn how to blog, therefore becoming BlogHeads (people who are blogging).

It was also like a mini gathering for people involved in nature, as participants from NSS (Butterfly group, Education group, Horseshoe Crab group), Cicada Tree Eco-place, Eart-h, Nature Trekker, Wildfilms, Blue Water Volunteers, SP environmental club and others attended this workshop.

The main objective of this workshop was to get every participants who were BlockHeads to set up a blog and at least post up one entry on it, and here's everyone busy at work (picture below).
Participation level was also very high, as every tutor was kept very busy with the many questions from their students (Thus only 3 photographs for this blog entry).
Under the guidance of the main tutor (November) and the other tutors, every student soon had a blog set up, posted several entries with photographs, and even did postings on a group blog, all using the blogger tool of the night,

Very soon, the workshop did have to end and every student was assigned with "homework", to maintain a blog for three months with at least two postings per month.

Here's a group photo before the night ended (picture below),
Finally, we would like to congratulate every student for their success in blogging, do remember to do your "homework" =), every tutor for your patience in teaching your student/s, NHC for conducting this workshop, Dr Vilma and Ria for the great food and everyone for coming!!!

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