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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Introducing our Shores to our kids

Event Coverage:
Today, a batch of kids (with their parents) were brought to one of the wonderful shores in Singapore, Changi Beach.

With Joesph Lai, a botanist, leading the group and members of the Naked Hermit Crabs (Ria and November) and NIE Green Club (July) helping out, they were introduced to the many interesting marine life found on our shores.

The kids were really enthusiastic and hawked-eyed as they found loads of things. Here's Jack holding a sea cucumber on his hand, while a sand star waits for its turn for its introduction (picture below).
Here's the sand star with a more close up view (picture below). Did you know they actually sallow their prey (which includes button shells) whole?Even the parents were interested in finding out more about the life on our shores, here is November telling them more about a hairy sea hare (picture below).
A closer look of the hairy sea hare which is seasonal (picture below).As this outing was also like a pre-event to the blogging workshop on our shores for kids, which will be held at NIE this Friday, there were lots of picture-taking and notes-taking too (picture below). The blogging workshop, an event held as part of a International Year of the Reef (IYOR) event aims to encourage kids to write about our shores and then publish their writings on blogs.

And finally, a cheers from everyone for the beautiful shore which we hope will be here for many years to come (picture below)!So we will see every kid this Friday at NIE for the blogging workshop then. Till then, take care, everyone!

Event Covered by: July

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