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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blogging Workshop for Kids

Event Coverage:

The sound of music will greet you whenever you walk around in NIE on the usual Friday nights, however on this Friday night (25th Jan). NIE was buzzing with another activity also. Blogging!

This was the day that the kids who went to Changi Beach in Wednesday, to not only to sit in a lesson but also learn and put into practice on how to start a blog and how to blog. Oh, and their parents were also present to learn together with their kids!

Do you recognize the little girl who is in pink and on the right hand side of the picture (picture below)?
She is the same girl who was on the first photo of the event coverage for the Changi Beach trip! It was a pity i forgotten to get her name but i do know she is only 3 and she is here to learn blogging. Wow!

Here's Ria who asked the question (as stated above) during the introduction stage of the workshop (picture below).
The instructor of the night was November. Here she is giving everyone a brief outline on why we should blog for nature. Interested to find out the answer? Read the words found on the picture below.
Only after giving out instructions for every kid to start creating a blog truly did the workshop moved into action (picture below). Lucky, we had helpers answering questions and assisting when the participants faced difficulties.
At the workshop, we also had with us a crew from Channel 8 who are doing up a program about people who are working for the environment and one of them would be Joe Lai who is working hard on the PC in the picture below.
The crew also went about the room filming the kids in blogging action. And as the kids were really engrossed in their blogging, November did had to raise her voice at times to gather everyones attention (picture below).In about an hour, the kids learned and created their own blog and their first blog posting. The next job for them was to use another 20 minutes to write up what ever they wish to write about for their experience on the trip to Changi Beach on Wednesday.

Kids hard and focused at work (pictures below)! Here's Christopher and his crew from Channel 8 hard at work also (picture below).And of course , I would like to thank the helpers for taking their precious Friday night time off to come to help for this workshop (picture below). Thank You, everyone! And this workshop would not have been successful without everyone attending! Thank you for coming, everyone! =)

Finally, here's a 'tradition' YAY group photo.And as Joe summed up the evening, this was an evening of many celebrations and one of them is that we have now 20 more young writers!

Event Covered by:
Interested to read the blogs the kids have written?