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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting Wild about Singapore's Shores

Event coverage:

On the 22 Feb 2008, the NIE community was treated to a splendor of pictures by Ria, who kindly agreed to give a short 20 minute talk on Singapore shores.

Before the talk started, early birds were treated to the colours of Singapore's shores (a whole range of pictures on the marne flora and fauna found on our shores).
During the talk, Ria spoke about the many wonderful life we can find on our shores, here's her introducing our shores (picture below, do apologize for the blurry picture).
As Ria engaged the audience with many beautiful pictures and witty jokes, she also shared on how each individual can play a part. The formula is simple, simply, Explore, Express and Act.
Such short words i have written on Ria's talk doesn't really do justice on the success of it. But given the applause she received, i believe everyone felt that it was a great talk!

Thank you, Ria, for giving this talk and Dr Vilma who invited Ria.

Event Coverage by: July

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