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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ideas for Endangered Animal Parade

The Endangered Animal Parade is a parade where you can dress up as an endangered animal!
This parade was first advertised on our blog on 20 July 2008, here's the entry for it:

So for some people who might be interested but not sure what animal to dress up as and how to dress up, here are some slides which we have shared with some students in NIE, and now, here they are for you!

Our aims for this parade ( picture below)
Guidelines for dressing up (pictures below)

Some of you may be wondering. What animals in Singapore are endangered or threaten? Here are two examples. First, an animal found on the land (picture below).Second, an animal found in our waters (picture below).Well, as some of you may wonder. Do we have clownfishes in our waters? Yes, we do have them.
Read a blog entry by one of Singapore's nature volunteers on one trip to one of our shores where a clownfish was spotted (link below).

Back to the guidelines (pictures below).
Registration details (pictures below)Important Note:
Students from primary, secondary and JCs whom register through their schools, you enjoy a concession registration charge of $10 only! We hope these slides have inspired you to join us in this parade and create awareness for endangered animals.

So why wait if you are interested? Email for registration forms now!