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Friday, August 22, 2008

Endangered Animal Parade at NIE!

Event Coverage:

Today, 22 Aug 2008, setting off together with the runners from the NIE Director's Fun Run were the 'animals' from the first Endangered Animal Parade held in NIE.

The Endangered Animal Parade is an event where participants would either dress up as an endangered animal or showcase an endangered animal through the usage of props. The key thing was that the costumes and props must be made from recycled material.

Here are some of the participants getting ready for the flag off of the parade (picture below)
Participants came dressed as sea turtles, held props to showcase jellyfishes and sea snakes (picture below).
As this was a parade, people of all age joined us, including some toddlers (picture below).
Very soon, the parade got off in full swing and we started off by walking with the NIE campus buildings (pictures below).

This shows that you're never too old nor young to speak up for our endangered animals as they cannot speak our language (picture below).Here's a look at the shells of the sea turtles (picture below).We also took the chance to spread our messages around (picture below).Here's one of our messages of the day (picture below)."Turtles need jellyfish! Save our island habitats!"

Here's a group photo with the director of NIE, Prof Lee Sing Kong, to end the parade (picture below).Thank you to everyone who have participated in this parade and all the helpers (picture below) for making this event possible and successful! Side note:
We have to thank the weather too. This is because the rain held back until we crossed the finishing line. =)

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Extra information:
a) All 7 species of sea turtles are known to be either endangered or threaten.
b) Read more about them from
c) Or